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Hello, my name is Lee Manns. I am a licensed substance abuse counselor and lifelong photographer.


I got my first camera when I was a young kid and I've been taking pictures all my life. Photographing nature is a form of therapy for me. Many of the benefits I derive from photography are lessons I have tried to share with the people I have counseled over the years.

Ever since that first camera, I’ve had periods when I set photography aside to pursue other things, but I always return to photography. Why?



  • Photographing a sunrise reminds me that every day brings a new beginning.

  • Photographing a sunset reminds me that even long days end.

  • Photographing a starry night reminds me to keep my problems in perspective.

  • Photographing stormy weather reminds me I can’t control everything.

  • Photographing wildlife reminds me that every creature has struggles and victories. 

  • Photographing people reminds me that every human has beauty.

  • Photographing my friends and family reminds me that time passes, and people change.

  • Photographing my dogs reminds me to put down the camera and play.


My photographs are an invitation to slow down, turn the volume down on the noise generated by the overabundance of technology in our lives, set aside whatever may be troubling you right now, and enjoy the beauty in the world around us.


I hope that each of the images I capture will touch you the way they have touched me.


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